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Wrexham is the largest town in North Wales and lies in Wrexham country borough, situated close to the border with Cheshire in England. The town is ranked as the 9th largest town/city in Wales. In the mid 18th century, Wrexham was merely a small market town, however, towards the end of the century, grew rapidly as it became one of the pioneers in the Industrial Revolution.

Wrexham is located on a relatively flat plateau rather than beside a major river, unlike most major towns and cities. The flat plateau is between the lower Dee valley and the most eastern mountain of Wales, and due to being located very close to the border to England, enabled Wrexham to grow as a market town as a cross roads between Wales and England. Later on, Wrexham established itself as an industrial hub, due to the rich natural reserves of iron ore and coal that it had. Although there is no major river located near Wrexham, there are three minor rivers that run through parts of the town, such as Clywedog, Gwenfro and Alyn. Wrexham is also renowned for the great quality underground water reserves, which helped give it the previous dominance as a major brewing centre.

Wrexham FC, nicknamed “The Red Dragons” is the local highest ranking team representing Wrexham and is a professional football team who play in the Conference National. Wrexham were founded in 1873, making them one of the oldest surviving clubs in the United Kingdom, as well as the oldest professional club in Wales. Wrexham FC’s football stadium is called “The Racecourse” and is the world’s oldest stadium that hosts international games.

Wrexham has maintained a market town atmosphere, although the developments within the town have modernised features such as new shopping centres, offering a mixture of large and local shops within the area. Wrexham is known as the largest town in North Wales and the third largest retail centre in the whole of Wales after Cardiff and Swansea. There are many bars, hotels restaurants and sports centres making Wrexham a great place to visit, which are listed.


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