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Mar 30, 2011
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Dessert Wines online are often produced and grown with a very sweet taste, making them the best style of wine to enjoy after a DESSERT WINEmeal with a fruit or sweet bakery dessert. Many customers believe that the wines themselves are much nicer to drink on their own without any food or dessert obstructing the taste. There are various methods of production to ensure the sweet taste of the dessert wines. This usually includes a lot of sugar, alcohol and water usage to make sure the grapes are grown and produced with a very sweet outcome.

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Passito 2005 is an Italian Desert Wine produced by Moncaro. The grapes used within the wine are of course Verdicchio grapes which help give this dessert wine its rich, sweet and luscious taste.  This low sulphite wine has won awards in the wine industry such as the “IWC” award. This late harvested wine delivers the full sweet taste like every other dessert wine without the weight that others may carry.

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