Diamond Core Drilling and London’s Built Environment

Aug 28, 2018
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diamond core drilling london

As you may very well know, Diamond Core Drilling in London or otherwise is something which is required for manipulation of brittle materials such as concrete or glass, and also used for a number of materials for the fact that it offers a great deal of precision.


Quite a few sites around London and otherwise subcontract work out to specialist diamond core drilling companies due to this very fact. Precision is something which is required in construction and civil engineering projects in particular, as getting it right first time is imperative – saving time, money, and of course, saving lives as well.


Diamond Core Drilling is quite prevalent in London in particular due to the very nature of the city. London is an interesting place, and there is nowhere like it in the world. It is very much the sum of its parts as past and present coexist in harmony. This is no doubt thanks to retrofitting the existing infrastructure of London, something that Diamond Drilling is often used for, for the fact that it allows manipulation of built elements, but offers a safer method of doing so.


Take concrete for instance.


There is a reason why new concrete is manipulated while it is wet. Concrete is an interesting substance – excellent at absorbing trauma as a whole, but remarkably brittle in other ways. Manipulating set concrete is something which is impossible- so mistakes and imperfections are something which would generally require demolition and starting over in order to correct.


Though the human eye can’t see it, manipulating concrete often brings stress lines and tiny fractures, which when left, can often result in complete fracture.


This is where Diamond Drilling London comes into play.


Diamond Core Drilling allows manipulation of set concrete, no matter how old, as well as accuracy. Diamond Core Drilling is a non-harmful way of drilling holes and openings into concrete, and due to the non-hydraulic nature of the drill in itself, is far less likely to weaken the concrete as a whole.


There are a number of diamond drilling companies in London and beyond, and Drill IT offer qualified staff, top of the range equipment, as well as reliability for your project.

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