How to find the right architect for the job

May 22, 2020
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Finding the right architect Chester is detrimental to making sure that your vision is what you expect it to be. Choosing the wrong architect can end up being very painful and expensive so it is important that you find an architect that is respected in their industry to ensure your project is successful.


Looking for an architect

A lot of us wouldn’t know where to start when looking for an architect, and a simple Google search may bring up a whole plethora of architects and architectural designers. 


The best place to start would be to ask your friends and family first to see if they could recommend an architect to you. At the end of the day they have already had first hand experience of working with the architect and you can have a nose at their work in real-life too. Afterall, a recommendation from someone you trust goes a long way than one you happen to find on the internet.


Another place to look would be on online databases which will have a list of registered architects and their area. It is important to try to choose an architect local to your area so that you can have meetings easily – nothing beats face-to-face interaction.


It is important to note that some of the best architects will be with the RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects), and there are strict guidelines with them so you will know you are in safe hands. 




There are a number of different varying job titles for an architect and it can be misleading at times – especially if you don’t know the difference. 


For larger projects we recommend you go with a Registered Architect and smaller home improvements could be handled by architects, architectural designers and even surveyors. 


Somethings you may want to consider are:


Are they registered with the ARB (Architects Registration Board)?

All architects are required by law to be registered with the ARB. By being registered it guarantees a certain level of work and if something was to go wrong you will be covered by professional indemnity insurance North Wales.


Are they chartered?

A chartered architect is bound by strict code as mentioned above with the RIBA.


What are their specialisms?

You will want to appoint someone who has done similar projects to yours in the past. Some architects are more creative, and others will get the job done perfectly – so it is good to bear this in mind.


Once appointed


Once you have appointed your preferred architect, expect to instruct them on exactly what you want for your project. You will need to be really clear in your end goal, timescales and the budget. Your architect should give you a detailed appointment letter following your meeting which has everything from budget estimates to a timeline of events. 

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