Your Catering Business: Sustainability Tips

May 22, 2020
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Running a catering business that is sustainable is starting to become more than just the morally right thing to do. It’s becoming more of a business decision. More and more customers are looking for companies that care about the environment and our planet. The focus on climate change is no more important to us than it has been before. 


Sustainability can be an empowering progression for your business, and in most cases can lead to a better product or result. First of all, we recommend that you get your catering equipment North Wales serviced regularly – this will make sure that your business is running smoothly and efficiently. Here are a list of ways you can make your catering business and the catering industry more eco friendly:



  • Control the portion sizes. 


There is no need to pile the food on the plates and over feed people. Food left on plates only means that it is going to end up in the waste. This often ends up in landfill, and generates a huge amount of methane as it decomposes. This is actually worse for the environment than CO2. A simple way to reduce the impact from this is to serve smaller portions. 



  • Choose seasonal food. 


There are some great benefits to choosing produce which is in season. Firstly, it’s usually cheaper to buy than out of season produce, due to cutting the importation costs. Secondly, it will taste a whole lot better as it’s being produced when that plant thrives. Lastly, it’s better for the environment to choose things that aren’t imported. You could call it a win win win situation!



  • Source your food more ethically. 


There are certain foods such as specific fish that are currently under threat due to a super high demand. You can check which are on the MSC website, or on the Greenpeace website so you can see which are best to avoid. 

Look out for the red tractor sign that is for food standards, this makes it apparent that the meat you’re purchasing has lived under the minimum welfare conditions. 

You can source your fruit and veg from local businesses to support the local economy at the same time as being environmentally aware. 



  • Adapt leftovers into your menu. 


Using leftovers is a good way to not only reduce your waste but to save money! Discarded ends of veg are great in stock, and leftover meat can find its place in a stew. 



  • Use the ‘ugly’ veg. 


You can talk to your vegetable supplier and figure out a plan/price for taking the ugly unwanted veg off their hands. Lots of places won’t accept this veg as they think the taste will be affected – but they are very wrong! Just because it doesn’t look perfect doesn’t mean it’s bad to eat.

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