Two of the Best LED Lighting Products: LED Ribbon Tape & LED Rope Lights

Feb 27, 2014
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LED LightingLED Ribbon Tape and LED Rope Lights are two of the most popular and useful products in the LED lighting industry.


What makes LED Ribbon Tape so popular?


LED Ribbon Tape has long been one of the biggest selling LED lighting products because it is so easy to install. All LED lighting is energy efficient and environmentally friendly using far less electricity than other bulbs. It is safer thanks to producing less heat, they last longer and the light they produce is brighter and has more variety in tone and colour. All these fantastic features are what is bringing LEDs to the forefront of the lighting industry but LED ribbon tape is particularly popular. LED ribbon tape can be fitted almost anywhere. It works brilliantly as overhead lighting, main lighting, mood lighting, and highlighting dark areas. It can be placed under shelves and desks in bathrooms and even comes in waterproof. Thanks to its versatility of application and the main shades of white light it produces Led ribbon tape is becoming favoured for residential lighting and retail lighting. Like all LEDs it does not need a lighting fixture either adding to its ease of installation.


LED ribbon tape and LED rope lights are both useful products but for very different applications. LED ribbons tape easy applications makes it very much at home in retail displays or lighting in the home, whereas LED rope lights are ideal for commercial applications.


What makes LED Rope Lights right for Commercial Application?


LED rope lights are available from a few select distributors in 50 metre lengths. This is perfect for if you need to light large areas with a constant flexible rope. Some smaller versions can be joined together but this is much less efficient for commercial projects. The LED rope light produces a pleasant light and is easy to sue even on a large scale.


These two LED products are being used everywhere from department stores to the home to cruise ships and it seems that LEDs must surely be the future of all our lighting needs.


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