Robertson Geologging: Wireline Logging Services

Nov 27, 2015
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wireline loggingRobertson Geologging design and supply slim-hole wireline logging equipment and borehole logging probes and have been doing so since 1979. They have pioneered the development of slim-hole digital borehole logging systems and techniques, and are now considered as the largest global supplier of the equipment worldwide.

They provide an array of quality services and due to their extensive amount of experience of borehole and wireline logging operations across the globe, they can often mobilise at short notice for both single hole or long term contracts. Their field crew is experienced in a number of operations and equipment, including: data processing, interpretation and equipment maintenance and also capable of prolonged service logging operations with minimal outside support.

In addition to their array of services and experience on offer, Robertson Geologging also offer rentals; short or long term or on a lease/purchase basis, however this is normally only to existing users of logging equipment. This is their way of ensuring their loyal customers always have access to the latest logging technology at highly competitive prices.

There are a variety of forthcoming events, exhibitions and conferences throughout the year and early New Year, relating to the industry and equipment which Robertson Geologging are heavily involved in. You can view the array of exhibitions that are taking place, as well as keep up to date with upcoming ones, by viewing their Exhibitions page.

Robertson Geologging also offers a complimentary email technical support service to customers with equipment problems. Purchasing a borehole logging system is a serious financial decision, therefore RG understand their customers would appreciate ongoing support moving forward.

If you wish to enquire about the array of services they offer, rentals or to speak to a sales assistance today then you can call them on 01492 582323 or send an email to:

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