about Deganwy & Llandundo JunctionLlandudno junction and Deganwy are both large villages located in North Wales. They are known for some of the wonderfull sights that can be seen from many different views.


If you go across the fly over to Conwy, right infront of you will be the well known castle of Conwy. The castle is also known for it's great sight seeing. The castle was built shortly after Deganwy castle got demolished by Llywelyn Ap Gruffudd. Llywelyn was the one who asked for the castle just across the estuary where Conwy castle stands today.


There are many places to eat, stay and just have a good laugh with your friends or family. There are two schools (Maelgwn and Nant-Y-Coed) in Llandudno Junction and one school (Ysgol Deganwy) in Deganwy. There is a leisure centre and a few hotels around the area like, The Old Station Hotel and The Quay Hotel.


There are many places to eat in the area. There is a Cineworld located on the opposite side of the roundabout to Tesco, which has a McDonalds, KFC and Pizzahut. There are also some restaurants around Deganwy.


Llandudno Junction is so popular due to it's train station which was made quite some time ago.Deganwy is known for it's beautiful sights of Conwy castle.

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