Things to do

Things to do in Deganwy and Llandudno Junction
In Llandudno Junction there are a variety of things to do. There is the Crosville social club where Llandudno Junction FC normally goes for a drink after a football match. Also in the club there is a snooker team and a darts team. There is the old station hotel and Maelgwn where people like to go out on a Friday or Saturday night to have a drink. There are also films in the cinema that adults can watch and still have a laugh. Go for a walk to the nearby castle of conwy.

There is also alot of activities to do for young people around Deganwy and Llandundo Junction.

There is the park which is located by the main roundabout which parents generally take their children to. The park is getting a bit rusty and needs repainting but is still accessible.  Right next to the park is a skate park which has areas for improvement like increasing the size and getting new ramps. Also, Llandudno Junction FC’s football pitch is located just next to the park and skate park.  This football pitch has made a serious improvement in the past few years, like, getting a new stand and getting more sponsors.

There is also the 9 screen multiplex Cineworld cinema which is next to KFC, Pizza hut and McDonalds. This cinema is very popular as it’s the closest one for most people around the area including Conwy and Colwyn Bay. It is one of the most popular cinemas in North Wales.

There are only two primary schools in Llandudno Junction.  Ysgol Maelgwn and ysgol Nant-y-coed. Ysgol Maelgwn has two sides to it. One side is fluent Welsh speaking and the other side is fluent English speaking. Maelgwn also has an after school club facility located right next to it and children from ysgol Nant-Y-Coed can also go there after school.

There is also the leisure centre which is on the left as you’re going down towards Tesco. They have a lot of different activities to do in there like, soft play parties, sports parties and also climbing wall parties. They do various martial arts and two squash courts.